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We offer a wide range of programs and services centered around

caregiver compassion.

West Meade Place Rehabilitation and Health Care serves the health care needs of patients and residents of all ages through a full spectrum of extended care services custom-tailored to meet each patient’s specific needs.

West Meade Place Respiratory & Dialysis

Pulmonary Services / Respiratory Dialysis 

The HealthCare Center at West Meade Place offers highly specialized respiratory care for patients requiring ventilator and tracheostomy care. Our comprehensive respiratory program is based on providing expert sub-acute care along with leading technology to facilitate weaning and management of the ventilator and tracheostomy. […]

West Meade Place Rehab Therapy

Rehab & Therapy

West Meade Place offers highly specialized respiratory care to mechanically ventilated and tracheostomized patients. We provide 24/7 respiratory therapy to supplement the existing skilled nursing care of West Meade Place. […]

West Meade Place Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing

Our West Meade Place team consists of members who specialize in the care of geriatric patients. Our highly specialized staff is composed of Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses, therapists, Registered Dietitian, Social Workers, Activity Coordinator, and an established Medical Director..[…]

West Meade Place Long Term Care

Long Term Care

“Long term care” means helping people of any age with their medical needs or daily activities over a long period of time. Long term care includes an array of health, personal, social, and supportive services needed by individuals who have lost some capacity for self-care. […]

West Meade Place Wound Care

Wound Care

The skin is a barrier to the outside world protecting the body from infection, radiation, and extremes of temperature. […]

Stroke & Neurological

Our stroke and neurological program provides the care and treatment you need to heal quickly while reducing your level of disability.  […]


In order to promote socialization and physical/mental activity, West Meade Place provides daily activities based on each patient’s uniqueness and abilities.  We offer a variety of programs including […]

VA Contract

West Meade Place is honored to serve our veterans who have given so much to our country. We are proud to have contracts  […]

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