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West Meade Place Respiratory & Dialysis

West Meade Place offers highly specialized respiratory care for patients requiring ventilator and tracheostomy care. Our comprehensive respiratory program is based on providing expert sub-acute care along with leading technology to facilitate weaning and management of the ventilator and tracheostomy.

Upon admission to our specialized Respiratory unit, each patient will receive an individualized weaning plan based on their current progress, whether currently weaning or considered a chronic respiratory condition. The individualized plan allows for optimal clinical progress, such as liberation from mechanical ventilation and to facilitate decannulation from the tracheostomy tube, while maintaining close monitoring and assessment.

Services provided include, but not limited to:

  • Weaning and management of mechanical ventilation
  • Pulmonary hygiene
  • State of the art, heated high flow oxygen via Airvo
  • Continuous pulse oximetry
  • Internal and external ventilator alarms for patient safety
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Oxygen therapy and aerosolized medication delivery
  • Education on respiratory care for patients and caregivers
  • Specialized weaning plan for optimal outcomes
  • Licensed Respiratory Therapists on staff 24/7
  • Dialysis for ventilator and tracheostomy patients
  • Facility nurse integrated call system that includes the ventilator alarms as well as other vital information that immediately pages the respiratory therapist.

We pride ourselves by being the first respiratory unit to provide dialysis for our respiratory complex patients in the state of Tennessee.

The HealthCare Center at West Meade Place renders the highest level of sub-acute care available through the combined efforts of our highly specialized respiratory therapists, nursing and rehabilitation staff. We are able to provide expert and unrivaled respiratory care in a safe and comfortable environment along with respiratory therapist driven protocols and pulmonologist oversight. We continue to be leaders in enhanced respiratory care for the State of Tennessee for our high rankings in weaning and decannulation success rates.